ex1le [dem0 '11]

by beyond the Styx

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1st demo of beyond the Styx (Alternative Hardcore / Tours, FR)


released October 10, 2011

recorded at home, by beyond the Styx



all rights reserved


beyond the Styx Tours, France

Combo with original intentions resolutely Metal Hardcore,
The band experiences a strange musical production because of its particularly diverse influences.

For fans of:
the Acacia Strain, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Chimaira, August Burns Red, Walls of Jericho, Pantera, the Ghost Inside, Carnifex, Norma Jean, Obey the brave, Nevermore...
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Track Name: Xcalibur (call to sword)
Call to sword (x3)

Call to sword
beyond the words
assail (the) air as one thousand

Pierce the enemy
divide this army
smell of fear (ha)s to reign

‘ll judge our value
by the battlefield

Forged in sweat and blood
You’ve no idea the power it contains

It’s the (x2) only, the last, our everything
It’s the (x2) only

Life by sword
Die by sword
Life by sword
Die by...

Extension of God right arm
Exploits’ve gone through Amnesia millennium


Not peace, but a sword (x3)

Do not think that I came to bring peace (up)on the Earth
I did not come to bring peace but a sword.
Track Name: the way of NEW END
Here comes the beginning, of (the) new end

Seven times
Sound the sky
Earth cracks
Seas bleed
World bruises itself

Holy book of (the) life had announced it
Cataclysms will succed disasters eternally
Holy book of (the) life had announced it

Clouds of locusts

The four hoursemen
Conquest, War
Famine, Death
Proclaimed the last judgement

Blood (x2)

My blood’s black
Truth appears
Through (the) black (x6)

My blood
New black
New life

Seven plagues
Change way of end
Last one eclipse
Will light us all

Seven days
To bring the life
Seven days
To tear away the veil of lies.
Track Name: Kronosism
There is /the begin(ing) of the reign of EATIME
Eat me
Our time is out
Eat me

Split my flesh
Reduce...my miserable physical envelope in sand
Inhale all my essence
Burst me into the space...
Shrouded in darkness of your hourglass


Eat me

Darkens my blood so black like is the night
Chase me till the end
That my heart becomes yours
So that I’m not any more master of my destiny

Change me
Change me like in prophecy (x3)