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I take a last look back. The wind has spoken, now is the time to get things done. Farewell is to die a little, but to stay is to burst softly. Sky rumbles. Bad omen. Clouds tears. Flesh cracks. Neoblivion, breath the fire. Neoblivion scars, peace nests a myth. Praise to the stars of martyrdom, drop down from heaven ! Sentenced to wait. Sentenced to dig my own grave. Unholy wars all draped with white flags, no one has ever baptized peace in a bloodbath. Architects of desolation, your world goes up in smoke. We’re burning souls. No one has ever been saved by weapons of destruction... Scars burns while they call the shots. Trapped between sky and earth. No peace Neoblivion !
Abortive mass, discarded, the offspring of these great decadent line. Surrounded like blinded lambs, when there is no longer end in it self, the horizon become the reason. Into reefs of your decaying roots grow seed of evildoers. Let’s bloom the flowers of evil. Black Spring comes ! Black Spring comes ! Watch out ! To become spikes, seeds must be buried. Still life of your tainted dream, sorry. Orphan swarm, noxious. The pest confined under barks of the past. “Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Cut off, the heart of venom beats within me. Poison, life to the fullest, bitch ! I am snake in grass. More than a legend, hydrastic. Goal is nothing, movement is everything. I am snake in grass. Through seven swords hits, we'll rise ! Never divided !
As laid bare by fear of the other. A broken trust, manipulated. You’ve waved a flag of hunters smells like death spirit. Like paranoic slaves, the shepherd barks, sheeps substituted. Like paranoic says, you never know what's going to come your way, so fuck it! Hatred ever kills ! Bloodshed leads more and more bloodshed. Hatred ever kills ! Can you feel how we spread it through the surface and at depth ? Earth ! Goes round and round as cylinders turns. Locks. Time! Resounds under the impact of the... Pain ! I think, you’ve fingered the wrong way. Trying to over protect you. It just ends up by self destruct. The bullets pierce. Sentences remain. Weapons cheat. Words don't play. Hatred ever kills ! We can not count all those gunned down, in the name of power. As long as I stand, I'd fight to the death for: LOVE ! Never dies !
Tears off! The fatal web of time. Just for a day, let's bring back to life our dear ones gone. Life is certainly the most unfair thing. No one chooses to be or not. Memories... The obsession of the living, life is no more than a reprieve. We are nothing! A grain of sand in the hourglass. Just a tear in the Styx. Times up ! A last look dropped into this sea of flames. Let my pain burns through... An endless funeral march. Time escapes. Sadly everything disappears. Deal with it. We are only passengers of this shape. One way trip! Humans say time is passing through... Time says that humans pass !
Tell me, who gives me the power of life or death over the world ? Last guardians fall one after another. Look out ! Wildlife bleeds in the name of ego trip. Savage majesty falls prey to the weakest. A license to kill will make you a trophy of shame. Every breath is a gift, while perdition reigns supreme. Cradle of life makes us blood brothers. Knock out ! Hunters gonna be hunted, let it rip. One may ask who’s the beast ? No murder brought fame ! King Slayer ! Hatred reign in blood age. No pity for poachers ! King Slayer ! Lost your rage no more slain. No pity for poachers ! King Slayer ! No pity for poachers ! Final Roar ! Free ! Now nature takes back its rights ! Who gives me the power of life or death over the world ?
On knife’s edge, the balance is lost. Blind witness of the last sunset, upside down. Under pressure, the noose holds me. Between two worlds, enter the “danse macabre”... 21 grams of torture never seemed so heavy to bear. Grim reaper opens his hands, there’s no way to resist him. Savor the blood flowing on your temples like the last crown of your kingdom. Dance! High and Short! Until your last breath is no more than a frost. Question is not why to die. Rather, why still... Living? Look... At the shadow. Not the light You make me feel breath of the death. The knot slips deep into my flesh. Truth springs out from... Holy earth of despair blessed into the blood. Is there life before...
DTNT! How many liars put flowers on the graves ? Truth rests in peace six feet under. How many secrets hidden by your illusions ? No way of mirages can’t blind me, remember. Dead tell no tales. My silence is confessed. Pray when you capture the shadows of myself. The sword in the throat, check out the quietness is golden. The scales are false, look at my jaws of steel. Hang on ! In whose name silence is speaking? Chained ! Slaves to the blood, fuck this ghost parade! Still rumors mill, dead tell no tales. The maze of lies around me, breathe ! When words seems sharper than any blades. Still rumors mill, dead tell no tales. Die scums ! Power is a constant conspiracy. Blind witness of a never ending story. Power is a constant conspiracy.
Nightmares after nightmares, this crossing seems to be a calvary. Too many dream dealers in the moonlight. How many promises in the graveyard ? No truce for the day terror. Here is the speech of an amputee survivor of the front of the dreams. Take a look into this fucking hatchery ! Open chamber of horrors. The more the sun shines, the more the shadow grows. Here comes the light of midnight. Seduced by the dawn of a new day. Cradled by the charms of a promised ascension. You’re just a mount of fatality. Condemned to swallow the snakes of the bright. No way ! Fear of the light ! Counting the sheep, don’t make you the shepherd ! Mention ! No way ! Fear of the light ! Time of dreams is dead, now savor the bite ! Our lightmare ! Tu viens à moi, tu es à nous. Tu revendiques notre icône. Notre soleil est triangulaire et toi t’y crois dur comme fer. Pousse la porte du temple, tu trouveras toutes sortes d’outils qui feront de toi un être croyant connaître les secrets de l’univers. Bienvenue dans la famille, désormais je t’appellerai frère. Petite brebis égarée j’te prendrai sous mon aile d’acier et dans l’ombre de mon corps je te planterai mes crocs dans ta cervelle d’agneau pour faire de toi un bon petit robot. Life goes nowhere ! Viens prendre mon serpent à pleine bouche que son venin coule au fond de la gorge. Paralysé sale petite merde tu vas tourner sous la table. On te prend et on te presse pour que tu libères le cash. Ton rêve devenu cauchemar. Fin tragique de l’histoire.
Another brick. Another stereotype. New walls rises as fast as... The media build your prejudices, hide behind your black mirrors. Blinded crowd, bystander of your own life. You walk alone. Back to the wall. Strife ! Cement feeds on our errors. Barbed wire stretch Nemesis... Words don’t build walls ! Words up ! Each new barrier that stands between us, it’s humanity that loses its ground. Movement is the essence of life. Enclose life is free death ! As long as we sail in troubled world, pending the sirens calls. Refuse! Resist! This is divide and rule... Walls of shame ! Bloody borders ! This world is yours ! Words don’t build walls !
Tied up to the hands of time. I've been trapped by this trickle of sand. Tick ! Sublimes the silence. Tock! Let’s start a race against fate. Nothing ! And no one could stop me to breathe Nothing ! I’m free. Free like the wind. One foot on the grave, one foot on the land. Torn by this meaning of life. Forward anyway, mates ! This is our sentence ! Faith is nothing.Faith is blank! Until my last breath is... Damned! Damned! Until my last breath is... Live each day as if it’s your last ! Damned ! Defies the Moirai. Those who are afraid of suffering, already suffer from what they are afraid of. Rules changed. The game has changed. Suffering is road to truth. No matter what pitfalls I may encounter on the way. I free myself from the weight of chrysalis. Our bodies are the graveyard of our souls. Our bodies just dig our upcoming holes. Now checkfate lure of doom! There’s one Hell... On Earth!


released February 23, 2018

2nd LP
recording in Dome Studio
mixed & masterised by Nick Jett (Blood Tracks Studio CA)


all rights reserved



Beyond The Styx Tours, France

Combo with original intentions resolutely Metal Hardcore,
The band experiences a crossover musical production because of its diverse influences.

For fans of:
Harm's Way, Sworn Enemy, Walls of Jericho, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Pantera, the Acacia Strain, Cancer Bats, Power Trip, Slayer, Code Orange, Suburban Scum...
... more


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